ADRP 13th Annual Conference

Association of Donor Relations Professionals

In mid-2016, I was contracted by the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) to design multiple elements for their 13th annual conference. The ADRP International Conference serves hundreds of donor relations and stewardship professionals who will be gathering to learn about the latest developments and trends in our profession. The 13th annual conference in 2016 was hosted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

project scope

brand identity

event materials

digital imagery


project branding

ADRP required the following components to be incorporated into the conference’s visual identity:

  • Tagline: Forging the Future
  • Colors: BLACK & GOLD
  • Bridge imagery
  • Playful & modern
  • Illustrate the play on words in the theme “forging” as in “forging steel”

Pittsburgh is a city full of bridges, each with their own unique style. As I began doing some research for this project, I narrowed my focus on one bridge in particular: the Fort Duquesne Bridge, more infamously known as “The Bridge to Nowhere,” as a large span remained unfinished for years before its completion.

As the tagline for the 2016 conference was “Forging the Future,” I believed this particular bridge provided an ideal image to use for the event. An incomplete bridge/project tells the viewer that something needs to be finished in the future. With the rich steel history/culture in the city of Pittsburgh, completing the bridge would be done via forging.

I offered a number of designs, with the two below being the top options. The client chose the flatter design as they liked that it incorporated the construction crane, which gave more of an indication of building/forging/completing.

The font I selected is called "Steelfish" - which fit the theme appropriately - but also was a sleek modern design.


print materials

In addition to some event signage, the primary print deliverable for this project was to create a conference resource manual that included conference schedule, information on keynote presentations, session descriptions, speaker bios, conference map, sponsor ads, and more.

In addition to the black and gold, I incorporated the ADRP blue as it balanced nicely with the other colors and tied back to the primary ADRP brand to keep brand consistency.

As Pittsburgh is a city of bridges, I chose to scatter different designs of the various famous bridges in the city. It helps to further drive home the brand identity.