Cattle Baron's Ball 2018

American Cancer Society, Southeast Region

In early-2018, I was contracted by the American Cancer Society to design multiple elements for their upcoming fundraising event. Southern Roots and Cowboy Boots - Charlotte Cattle Barons Ball - is an event that brings together nearly 500 guests to enjoy a night of entertainment and fun while celebrating the great work that the American Cancer Society has done. This event brings community members together who are committed to raising awareness and funds to help finish the fight against cancer. 

This is an ongoing project, but I wanted to go ahead and share these designs.

project scope

brand identity

print materials

event materials


project identity

My first task with this project included coming up with a campaign identity. As an event, the ACS actually had a bit of flexibility regarding visual identity as long as the primary ACS logo is present on materials.

As this is the Cattle Baron's Ball, the branding identity needed to have a southern feel to it. However, as this event is to be held in Charlotte, NC, client did not want the look to feel too much like Texas; she wanted it to have more of a "southern charm" flare to it.

With the name of the events being called "Southern Roots & Cowboy Boots," I knew instantly I wanted to incorporate the roots as a primary identity. Seeing as roots aren't the most attractive element, I knew I wanted to include it as part of a tree, and magnolias seemed to be a charming southern touch.

As I feel a visual identity have one strong central focus point, I didn't want a vibrant boot, so it worked well to blend it into the frame of the text on the right side; subtle, but apparent.

The client asked for rustic colors, but with a little pop, so the darker burgundy and teal.


print materials

While this is an ongoing project, to this point, I have designed a sponsor packet, auction packet (similar design to sponsor packet), and save the date.


sponsor packet



save the date