Awards Ceremony


event overview

The UNC Charlotte Alumni Association hosts an annual Alumni Awards Ceremony. The event recognizes alumni, faculty and friends who have made important contributions to the establishment and growth of UNC Charlotte.

Award recipients are notified before the ceremony they will be receiving their awards. In order to prevent each of the eight awardees from speaking for 15-20 minutes, I film an interview and produce a 3-4 minute video of each, highlighting their accomplishments. By the time the recipient comes to accept the award, there isn't much left to say. This keeps the lunch program moving along so that we stay within our 90 minutes.

Below are a few of my favorite videos I have produced for the ceremony. My goal is to tell the story; these three definitely are the strongest and pull a bit at your heart strings.



This is an elegant event honoring many important people - often times business owners, scholarship donors, trustees, board members, etc - not to mention having the Chancellor, several Deans, and affluent alumni in attendance. Thus, I wanted the branding for this to be simple, yet elegant. Using the serif font gave a nice feel to look I wanted.

The school's primary colors are green and white, but one of their secondary colors is gold. As their mascot is the 49ers, I wanted to heavily incorporate gold into the design, particularly because the color gives the feeling of value and importance. I not only planned the event and designed the materials, but also designed the award medallion itself, incorporating the school's signature pick axe (being the 49ers). 

The video below is a loop of a spinning medallion that plays during the lunch and between awards videos when someone was speaking on stage. It perfectly matches the image I had created on the materials, but puts it in motion.