born to create

Dad is an architect, Mom a seamstress, and my sister a musician, so I come by the creative gene honestly. I've always had a knack for presentation and making the boring look more interesting. While working at various jobs, I took every opportunity to design something new, whether a postcard or a website. After years of this, adding new skills, and winning multiple design awards, I realized this is what I was born to do. And here I am.

I especially have a passion for working with nonprofits and helping them realize their causes within their budget. I believe every organization should have access to stunning design. Having worked in higher education and now owning my own small business, I completely understand the desire to produce great work and the challenges of budget constraints (and sometimes red tape).


bringing events to life

In addition to graphic design, I especially enjoy helping creating a unique look for events, making the design come off the paper and into guests' surroundings, kind of like the sidewalk chalk scene in Mary Poppins. If I can make you escape life for a couple hours and feel like you're in a different world, I've done my job. It's all about telling a story.


creating across the map

Currently located in greater Charlotte, NC, I have worked with clients from Florida to New York, Texas to Hawaii. Regardless of where you are located, we can collaborate in to give life to your next project.