The inspiration for this event was an outdoor Cuban street party. Market lights and palm fronds highlight design, along with a clear midnight blue sky. The event invitation was designed to look like an international plane ticket with special die-cut.


Giant dominos, palms, coffee beans, and vibrant colors highlighted the venue. Upon entering the ballroom, the same market lights and palm fronds made the design come to life.


The band - dressed in khakis, short sleeve button up shirts, and hats - welcomed the guests with a salsa-inspired set, accompanying several local club salsa dancers.

food & drink

The evening’s meal consisted of churrasco steak, crab cakes, rice and beans, and sweet plantains; dessert consisted of keylime pie and tres leches cake, with chocolate cigars as a party favor. And of course, the evening’s signature drink was a mojito.


The following photography courtesy of Patrick Schneider Photography.