Your Life, Our Purpose Campaign

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

In mid-2016, I was contracted by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) to design multiple elements for their upcoming capital campaign launch in November 2016. This was an all-encompassing project that required both print and digital assets, including a presentation folder with corresponding rack cards, stationery, event materials, and design of the campaign website.

project scope

brand identity

print materials

website design

event materials


project branding

My first task with this project included coming up with a campaign identity.

current brand

One of the biggest challenges with this task was that there were already several well established marks that the TTUHSC already used. First, you had the standard Texas Tech "double-T" logo, which then existed with the TTUHSC name. Additionally, they had an identity for "Your Life, Our Purpose" that was essentially a second primary logo for the TTUHSC.

The guidelines stated not discard any of these elements, so coming up with something new for the campaign felt very Inception: a brand within a brand within a brand. So I love my movie references; deal with it...

campaign brand

I knew I wanted to keep things simple, so after doing a lot of research and coming up with several ideas, I landed on the heart rate monitor pulse as it is simple, sleek, and could easily match TTU's red color palette. As the preceding marks built up each layer from the double-T logo, including the pulse plus "The Campaign for" was a clean addition to the top.

I also discovered in my research that the TTUHSC seemed to really like the hexagon shape in their everyday designs, so I chose two marks: one with the hexagon and one without. They were pleased with the result as it kept the branding consistent, yet created an easily identifiable mark for the campaign.

print materials

In addition to designing custom stationery for the campaign, one of the more complicated item to build was a custom presentation folder with corresponding rack cards. 


presentation folder

The client wanted a specially designed folder that would stand out when put in the hands of a prospective donor; a standard rectangle wouldn't do. I considered a hexagon-shaped folder, but they wanted it a little more simple than that. The solution was a square folder that would fold out all four directions.

The purpose of the presentation folder is to give an overhaul vision of the campaign. The folder includes the campaign creed, message from the president, campus map, and more. It also has a slot for gift officer's business cards as well as a pocket to stuff various rack cards (described below).

rack cards

While the folder provides an overhaul vision of the campaign, the rack cards drill down to specific areas of focus: the three campaign priorities, the campuses, and the schools.

The idea is that a gift officer, knowing the passions and interests of a prospective donor they are scheduled to meet, would hand select 3-4 rack cards that match those passions. This segmented marketing cuts out unnecessary content for a donor that may only want to know and give toward one specific area.




business card



website design

One of the most important elements of the campaign project was to design a brand new website for potential donors to visit. The TTUHSC already had a site for "Your Life, Our Purpose," but wanted to overhaul it and make it specifically for the campaign.

My idea from the very start was to make the website a digital, interactive version of the presentation folder. The home page reflect the main parts of the presentation folder - with the addition of the progress bar - and the interior pages reflect the various rack cards.

*I designed - but did not build - this site; the TTUHSC web team used my design to build it within their platform. It was a collaborative effort.

home page


landing page

As all my site designs, I think vibrant; make the page stand out as soon as the site visitor sees it. I picked this image with a vibrant blue as it is a perfect contrast to the black and red of the school color palette; it makes the black and red stand out even more. I also liked that the subject of the image is looking into a microscope, zooming in to learn more, which is what we wanted site visitors to do as well.

I also wanted the navigation to stand out without the standard boring "about" link or standard drop-down menus. "Our story" and "our creed" fit perfectly with "our purpose" and allow you to view a quick video rather than just reading a block of text. The red "give today" button is brilliant against the black navigation; and again, the blue makes the red stand out that much more.

progress indicator

When asked to include a campaign progress indicator, I immediately knew that I wanted to use the pulse icon rather than a standard progress bar. It just adds that extra little unique touch and further reinforces the campaign brand. 


The campaign had three key priorities:

  1. Research

  2. Eduction & Scholarships

  3. Patient Care & Community Impact

I wanted these to be bright and out front, so as you scroll over each priority panel, you see a quick description and then have the option to continue on or watch a video drilled down to that priority rather than the overall campaign.

campus map

Towards the bottom of the page is a campus map that allows the site visitor to narrow their search by clicking on a specific school of campus. I liked the idea of listing the schools - which are in the secondary color palette - with the hexagon shape and organizing it as those it looks like a double-helix DNA strand. It's just a simple touch that reinforces the medical brand.

When a school or campus is clicked,  a lightbox appears giving a quick breakdown of selected field, with the option to continue reading on.


interior pages

The interior pages highlighted the various campuses and schools of the TTUHSC. As such, I wanted the interior pages to reflect the rack cards that I had designed for the presentation folder. Each page included its own key facts and figures following a summary of school/campus.


event materials

Several events were held as part of the campaign launch in November 2016. I designed several event pieces, including save the dates, invitations, menu cards, banners, flags, backdrops, and more. Below are a few samples of the event materials.

save the date

dinner menu

step and repeat 

retractable banner