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Alumni Association Website Redesign

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The UNC Charlotte Alumni Association website was in need of a facelift in 2015. I was tasked to redesigning the website front to back, make it user-friendly, and easy to register for events. My goal was to designing something that stood out and didn't follow the same template as many alumni association websites.


2016 CASE District III Grand Award for Electronic and Digital Media


old design

The old site design was somewhat function, but it was not well designed and extremely text heavy with little imagery, particularly on the interior pages. The site architecture made it difficult to navigate and definitely not user-friendly.


site redesign


home page

Bold colors and vivid imagery are my calling cards. I wanted the site to immediately stand out and grab the user's attention. I further used bold colors on the home page to create color blocks that easily distinguish one section from the next. The site was designed with mobile in mind for easy scrolling and less clicking.


interior page

As is my style, I wanted each interior page to have a colorful image at the top of the page to grab the user's attention immediately. The goal with the interior pages is to write just enough content to inform the viewer, but have them click through to learn more.

Below is a copy of the Travel Program, where a quick facts about the trip, date, price, and brief description (Level 1) invite the user to click through to read more if they are interested (Level 2).


event module



As the old site design was not responsive - and as the smart phone now accounts for more than half of web page views - it was critical that the new site be responsiveness to various devices. The tile layout throughout the website was designed with tablet and mobile devices in mind, as the tiles easily respond in order.